All I want is a good

cup of coffee.


My coffee brewer died

to cheap

to continually go

to starbucks, or

some supposedly good coffee chain.


My lady is gone

like my coffee brewer.


To many one night stands

to few connections.


Instant coffee

to many brands,

no substance,

something’s missing.


An empty bed

no smell of

coffee brewing

nothing to wake up to.


I finally found

the perfect blend

now it sits

in my cupboard

getting stale.


The secret of the coffee bean

it’s a seed.


The secret of a good woman?


A good cup of coffee

takes times,

just the right amount

of coffee

milk and sugar.


Or do I dare



At night

my coffee with brandy.


A good cup of coffee

takes time

not unlike

a good woman.


My bed still empty

all I want

is a good

cup of coffee