You walk by them everyday, sometimes its real sometimes its not. On the streets you can ignore them, how dare you invade my personal space, with your unclean smelly and filthy clothes.

Uh, umm, hmmm,  I forgot.


As usual

   your words mean nothing

Like promises in the dark

   It would be better

looking for a pot o gold

Uh, ummm, hmmmm??


My thoughts evaporate

   as elusive

As a will o the wisp

   my focus is gone

Uh, ummm,

What was I thinking?


I’m a sniper

   but I need to be

An assassin

   both instruments

Of death

   the outcome, the same

The method different

Uh, ummm, what was I sayin??


My thoughts evaporate

   like fog when the

Sun rises

Uh, ummm, hmmm.


My focus is gone.


I’m a DJ

  with two turntables

And no stylus

   the outcome

Uh, ummm, hmmm

What was my point?


My thoughts evaporate

  like the last gasps

Of a dying man.